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UKIP's Partner & Farage's Supporter's Obscene Racism

UKIP's Partner & Farage's Supporter's Obscene Racism


I shall take the liberty of permitting a commentator on UKIP & The EFD to put his point of view and factual links confirming the vile racism within Nigel Farage's Pan EU Political Party Grouping The EFD which UKIP are founding members of!

The posting I have made was first made on Anthony Butcher's corrupted UKIP controlled public Forum:

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Borghezio rants "Long live the whites of Europe!" at racist rally

On another thread (here: http://www.democracyforum.co.uk/ukip...ant-f-ing.html), I have reported Mario Borghezio’s extraordinary racist outburst on Italian radio in the aftermath of Obama’s re-election. This was preceded a few days earlier by his appearance on the platform of an extremist rally in the South of France, where the carte blanche given to him by Farage’s failure to act on the Breivik remarks was also played to maximum and horrifying effect.

Borghezio delivered a racist rant to the annual conference of “Bloc Identitaire”, a far-right and openly racist French outfit which, amongst other things, cynically distributes pork soup each winter on the streets of cities from Marseille to Antwerp (the latter with the help of their Flemish racist allies, Godfrey Bloom’s EAF colleagues the Vlaams Belang), thus cruelly and deliberately excluding Jews and Muslims from their act of “charity”.

Borghezio’s shocking speech has been widely reported in Italian, French, Swiss, Spanish and German media. Several begin with the observation that "“hundreds of far-right activists have cheered the Italian Northern League MEP, Mario Borghezio, for openly racist sentiments."
I have set out a selection of links at the end of this thread. From those various reports, I have collected the following shameful quotations:
·         "Borghezio yelled at the podium: "Long live the whites of Europe, long live our identity, our ethnicity, our race!" "
·         "Mr Borghezio enthused about "our blue sky, like the eyes of our women. Blue, in a people who want to stay white.” "
·         "When the country of our flesh is invaded, we must beat up,” he said, inflaming the gallery."
·         "We live in a cultural genocide that nobody dares denounce apart from us. We will remain masters in our own home!"
·         "How can we accept letting our people die without a fight? Here we have a duty!"
·         He expressed his regrets for the anti-semitic and collaborationist writer Robert Brasillach, who was shot at the end of the Second World War for sharing intelligence with the enemy. "To enthuse ourselves, we must be poets like Brasillach" he interjected, to shouts of "Mario, Mario, Mario ..."

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Borghezio - "Multiracial America has won, which I can't f***ing

The full consequences of Nigel Farage’s moral cowardice during last year’s “Breivikgate” scandal are now starting to be felt.

Readers will recall how Farage was panicked into an attempt to limit the PR fallout from comments made by his racist EFD Group colleague Mario Borghezio in praise of the ideas of Oslo mass murderer Anders Breivik, by threatening first to suspend UKIP’s membership of the EFD and then demanding Borghezio’s expulsion from it, if the Italian did not issue a full retraction and apology – only to sweep the whole matter under the carpet, without any such apology or retraction forthcoming, when Borghezio’s Lega Nord colleagues threatened to walk out en masse and bring about the end of the whole group (president: one N.Farage).

Thus Borghezio was given carte blanche to develop his ideas with impunity. Oh boy, has he accepted it. He made a start by repeating his support for Breivik’s ideas several weeks ago, but in the last few days he has taken his Farage-given freedom to express his disgusting beliefs to quite extraordinary new levels.

Fresh from his racist rant at an extremist rally in the South of France (see separate thread here: http://www.democracyforum.co.uk/ukip...ist-rally.html) the previous weekend, he gave a foul-mouthed and equally racist interview last Thursday to Italy’s Radio 24, which has reached the ears of a shocked American media.

The International Business Times’ US edition reports that Borghezio gave us the following pearls of extremist wisdom:
·         "They've chosen one of their own. Multiracial America has won, which I can't f*cking stand, to use a diplomatic term."
·         "Behind Romney you could see a beautiful, white, Christian America."
·         “At the time of the Civil War I would have been a Southern hardliner. Who hasn't seen Gone With The Wind and identified themselves with those extraordinary Southern heroes against those Northern sh*tty faces?"
·         The Ku Klux Klan is “prospering more than ever! (It) may have exaggerated a little," Borghezio admitted. But that was for a reason, in his view: "It’s all born of the resistance against a multiracial society."
·         "It's a little like it was with Clinton: some complete f*cking nobody who suddenly becomes a great figure," said Borghezio, "(Obama) was a petty lawyer who defended the rights of blacks and nobody knew who the f*ck he was (…) but then he became the puppet of big lobbies."

The website also reports an earlier incident where Borghezio “was once filmed, during a vigilante raid against prostitutes, spraying water on African women to "cleanse them"”.

The link to the original article is here: http://www.ibtimes.com/italian-polit...tand-it-868170

An audio clip of the original interview (in Italian), can be found here: http://video.corriere.it/borghezio-o...2-5e60eba3a55f

I hope Mr Farage is proud of his cowardice. But surely he cannot sit in the same grouping as this appalling man any longer. If Farage’s regard for his “presidential” position in Brussels continues to prevent him taking swift action, perhaps his UKIP MEP colleagues will take it for him. 

Sadly several supporters of UKIP have stepped forward in support of the odious racist Borghezio on Anthony Butcher's sordid forum which willingly supports and harbours lies, distortions and corruption and the defamatory and unethical cowardly members too ashamed to use their own names as they befoul the site and demean UKIP, destroying its credibility!

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