Friday, 15 January 2010

BANNERMAN, David Campbell was Tory then UKIP now Tory! - GB

BANNERMAN, David Campbell was Tory then UKIP now Tory! - GB

Untrustworthy, dishonest, corrupt & would betray anyone for personal gain!

For further detailsof this odious little fraud CLICK HERE

Betrayed first The Tories having become a sertial failure he used UKIP as warned 7 years ago in detail to further his personal ambitions and has recently, as predicted, betrayed UKIP to return to The Tories with a pack of lies to enhance his personal chances of being re-elected as an MEP.

To view his EU web site CLICK HERE

An habitual liar who deliberately lied about his ancestry for personal gain.

Bannerman also cheated and lied to enjoy a position as lead candidate on EUkip's MEP listing as shown HERE

David BANNERMAN is a member of the vile racist, sexually intollerant, xenophobic EFD, which not only espouses and incites violence in pursuit of its political aims but also practices such violence and in association supporting pro EU Politicians and some with an overt anti Jewish stance. That The Pan EU Political Party EFD grouping is partly defined by its homophobia is irrefutable.

With hindsight it seems Farage did not act on principles but seemingly for personal gain in the IndDemGroup as he seems all too willing to prostitute his party, his Country and his principles now that it happens to suit him financially and in terms of authority in forming his squalid Pan EU Political Party grouping of The EFD.

It is also noted his untrustworthy and duplicitous little side kick Mark Croucher is also acting with Farage to assist in the promotion of this Racist homophobic claque when previously he made much of telling lies about people to try to damage them by falsely branding them as anti Jewish, BNP supporters and anti homosexual based on his own concocted lies. We note it is he who actually practices and assists these disgusting values! 

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