Friday, 15 January 2010

VILLIERS, Philippe de - elected LIBERTAS, reneged to Mouvement pour la France - France

Philippe de VILLIERS to view his EU web site CLICK HERE

Philippe de VILLIERS is a member of the vile racist, sexually intollerant, xenophobic EFD, which not only espouses and incites violence in pursuit of its political aims but also practices such violence and in association supporting pro EU Politicians and some with an overt anti Jewish stance. That The Pan EU Political Party EFD grouping is partly defined by its homophobia is irrefutable.

With hindsight it seems Farage did not act on principles but seemingly for personal gain in the IndDemGroup as he seems all too willing to prostitute his party, his Country and his principles now that it happens to suit him financially and in terms of authority in forming his squalid Pan EU Political Party grouping of The EFD.

It is also noted his untrustworthy and duplicitous little side kick Mark Croucher is also acting with Farage to assist in the promotion of this Racist homophobic claque when previously he made much of telling lies about people to try to damage them by falsely branding them as anti Jewish, BNP supporters and anti homosexual based on his own concocted lies. We note it is he who actually practices and assists these disgusting values!


Clearly unreliable having gained his seat as an MEP on the pretence he was propounding the views of Libertas, of whom Nigel Farage said:
Britain's eurosceptic party, the UK Independence Party, said there was "absolutely no common ground on Europe between Declan Ganley's new party, Libertas, and UKIP."under the title 'Pan-Europe Libertas Party launched to fight 'anti-democratic' Brussels'

Rapidly became a turncoat and declared himself to be a member of 'Mouvement pour la France' and joined the racist and extreme anti Jewish grouping of The EFD. Hardly what his electorate would have expected him to do and thus seemingly only interested in himself rather than his constituents it seems!


In order to help Nigel Farage over current catastrophic problems ranging from the loss of Nikki Sinclaire MEP who EUkip's leadership so squalidly treated that it has also led to being a major contributory factor in the fact that Stuart Wheeler, EUkip's only material backer has pulled out to go it alone as a candidate and far from helped by the behaviour of Stuart Parr, Douglas Denny, Mark Croucher and other serial dissemblers and their acolytes and sock puppets - then Mark Croucher acting in cahoots with EUkip lost their case in Cardiff sticking EUkip with a moral liability of some £12,000 in costs for G.L-W. who they had set out to bankrupt to suppress the truth.

Phillipe de Villiers, ever the gentleman, had promised to keep the news secret until after the British Elections but this blogger and associates found out the truth that PdeV was quitting the EFD groupong to join with Sarkozy in the Pan EU Political Party the ECR grouping.

That Farage failed to tell even his own MEPs shows him in a light such that we felt it appropriate to leak the news early.

This leaves his group the EFD in a dangerous position and Farage had, it seems, hoped to bring on board the Dutch Freedom Party of Geert Wilders but it seems that the information we put out as to who was behind blocking Wilders in the EU Parliament has made a liason with Farage extremely unlikely!

Ot seems Farage's EFD is doomed and with Stuart Wheeler pulling out as Farage's only backer bankruptcy is staring EUkip in the face when confronted with the bill for forfeiture of the fiddled payments and the costs EUkip's hubris and stupidity have garnered amounting to a likely £1.2 Million.


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