Wednesday, 29 June 2011

UKIP: Send in the Clowns 27-29-Jun-2011

UKIP: Send in the Clowns 27-29-Jun-2011

One is forced to wonder what on earth this Jolly does to further UKIP members' aim to Leave-The-EU

What information has Stuart Agnew or Gerard Batten provided to UKIP that has furthered the withdrawalist aim and how can their being on a Jolly with outspoken racists, xenophobes, holocaust deniers, anti homosexuals do to help UKIP's image?

I believe it was just yet another ill thought out example of UKIP MEPs feeding at the trough for their personal gain. There seems no evidence to lead one to believe otherwise!

UKIP MEPs don't do junkets - well, not unless its Nigel Farage going to a Romanian street market to point out how poor the foreigners are, or Derek Clarke slipping off to Bucharest to sign up to the 'Bucharest Declaration' on behalf of the Independence & Democracy group. Clarke was tucked up like a kipper there, no way would Farage put his fingerprints on that act of betrayal. Poor Clarke probably still doesn't understand what he did - or indeed where he was for those few days.

But it seems the ban has completely slipped. Morten Messerschmidt, convicted of racial offences and subsequently forced to resign his job after being seen "Heiling Hitler" in a Copenhagen bar, has hosted a study trip to Denmark. Also present was Francesco Speroni, the Italian MEP who recently suggested that the Norwegian Gunman Breivik had ideas that "defended European culture". Speroni, of course belongs to Lega Nord, as does twice convicted violent racist Marion Borghezio. This is the party that advocates racial segregation on buses and calls for the 'ethnic cleansing' of homosexuals.

A look at the official photo reveals the presence at the event of UKIP's Gerard Batten, and Stuart Agnew.

Interesting to note that the group was addressed by former MEP Mogens Camre of the Danish People's Party, who claimed controversially that Romanians and Bulgarians are not as clever as "us". Who are "us", we wonder? Camre is known for his anti-Islamic stance. Also on the speaker's list was Søren Espersen, a vocal Zionist and another DPP member. Seemingly absent was Sören Krarup, a DPP parliamentarian who wants to annex part of southern Sweden.

And the taxpayer has to fund these clowns!
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Monday, 6 June 2011

06-Jun-2011 - UKIP Apology Makes EFD Membership Repugnant for Honourable Supporters of UKIP

06-Jun-2011 - UKIP Apology Makes EFD Membership Repugnant for Honourable Supporters of UKIP


Nikki SINCLAIRE MEP Lets UKIP Have Another Chance!

I gather this apology was published by UKIP on its web site at or around 09:00hrs. Strasbourg time - it being an EU pretend Parliament jolly in Strasbourg this week and it would seem to have been published near simultaneously in Britain at 09:00hrs. GMT on Nikki Sinclaire MEP's blog.

Statement on UKIP and Nikki Sinclaire

Monday, 6th June 2011

The following statement has been issued by UKIP today:
The UK Independence Party and Nikki Sinclaire are pleased to confirm the amicable resolution of the Tribunal complaint brought by Nikki Sinclaire.

"The Respondents to the claim, which included the Party, and who all denied the allegations, have agreed to Ms Sinclaire withdrawing the claim ahead of the forthcoming Pre-Hearing Review as the Party and Ms Sinclaire resolve matters between them.

"The UK Independence Party takes this opportunity to affirm that it is opposed to discrimination on all grounds as prescribed by law and otherwise. The Party acknowledges the principles of non-discrimination, non-racism and non-sectarianism in its Constitution, and holds those principles dear as a libertarian party. The Party does not espouse, condone or support homophobia or sexual orientation discrimination in any way, and sexuality is no bar to involvement or advancement within the Party.

Ms Sinclaire is grateful for this confirmation and is pleased that this matter has been concluded by mutual consent and looks forward to a more constructive relationship.
To view the original of this apology from UKIP relative to the Guilty verdict handed down by the Courts at reported on this blog from the case brought last year under industrial tribunal and set aside by the agreement of Nikki Sinclaire to avoid further costs and embarrassment for UKIP and its inept leadership CLICK HERE

This is clearly a further effort on the part of Nikki Sinclaire MEP to try to help UKIP take a more mature and reasoned approach to their duties and responsibilities and put right the lies and dishonesty that are so frequently emanating from the leadership team its parasites and hirelings.

The Party and Nikki Sinclaire MEP may have agreed this statement but will a further statement be issued that this is agreed and binding on the named individuals Nigel Farage MEP & Godfrey Bloom MEP who were jointly named in the Guilty verdict as handed down?

I note that Exacly the same statement has been published on Nikki Sinclaire's Blog (Blog. - presumably as her web site seems currently broken as since Friday!)

I have added this comment to her blog.:


Greg_L-W. said...
Hi, Congratulations on obtaining an apology from UKIP as a response to the Guilty verdict handed down against UKIP, Nigel Farage MEP & Godfrey Bloom MEP. May I personally congratulate you on accepting this apology for as long as it is adhered to by UKIP its leadership and their gofers. This, let us hope will be the first steps from them in righting the lies and dishonesty against you and their corrupt withdrawal of support. Presumably UKIP & its MEPs will rapidly withdraw from supporting The EFD and its violently anti homosexual stance as continued membership is clearly untenable in the light of the claims in their apology. Regards, Greg_L-W.
My congratulations to UKIP for being adequately grown up to admit they were in the wrong and issue this statement and to Nikki Sinclaire for having the good grace, not only to have given UKIP the opportunity to come up with this statement, but also for being prepared to waive The Guilty verdict and further rounds of Court action which clearly UKIP could not honestly or reasonably have defended.

Clearly no one should ever be descriminated against for their private and legal perversions or for public knowledge of them - homosexuality was de-criminalised almost 50 years ago and rightly so.

In the light of UKIP's unequivocal statement and if they have any integrity they will no clearly repudiate the utterly repugnant EFD Group and its behaviour and wish to disassociate themselves from continued moral and financial support of The EFD Group.

Personally I would hope that, inorder to avoid entrapment or embarrassment in the future, UKIP would now wish to renounce any intent to aid The EU in its policy of denigrating National politics by the continuation of Pan EU Poliitical Parties/Groups - which this instance alone has shown up clearly as a danger in ethical and moral terms.

There may be vaste bribes available in return for membership of Pan EU Political Groups - but such payments are at the cost of principles and unethical.

There is NEVER a wrong time to do the right thing and the man who is willing to sell his principles for money will pretty soon find himself with no principles to sell.