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UKIP: More on Farage's fascist friends in the EFD

UKIP: More on Farage's fascist friends in the EFD

Further evidence has emerged of collusion between far-right racist elements and UKIP's EFD group in the European Parliament.

The involvement of the BNP in the EFD's Turkish Assesment Group has raised eyebrows in the UK and Brussels, but now we can see an even clearer picture emerging.

Vlaams Belang, the Slovak National Party, and the Austrian Freedom Party have all been involved in a 2 day conference to discuss Turkish accession to the EU. Also present were the delightfully named convicted racist and fan of Nazi marching songs Morten Messerschmidt (often referred to by Farage as "Harry Heinkel") and Fiorello Provera of Lega Nord, the particularly vile racist party whose members espouse the idea of racial segregation on public transport. Both are members of Farage's EFD group.

Nice company you keep, Nigel. Our country fought a war against this scum just 70 years ago.


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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

UKIP & the EFD: The Nazi connection

UKIP & the EFD: The Nazi connection

Mario Borghezio: EFD MEP, fascist, friend and colleague of one Nigel Farage

The Fuhrer is very pleased with Nigel's buddies in the EFD!

We can now confirm the existence of a high-level inquiry into the political backgrounds of members of UKIP's EFD group in the European Parliament. In 2004, the then Independence & Democracy Group attracted the attention of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre due to the presence of far-right Greek MEP Georgios Karatzeferis, who still retains links with the EFD both personally and through the Greek MEPs sitting in the group.
Evidence has now been unearthed of links with wartime Nazis, with the Italian MEP Mario Borghezio at the centre of controversy. Borghezio has multiple convictions for racially motivated violence, including an attack on a 12 year old child in 1991. In April 2000, during a regional election campaign, Lega Nord members chanted Borghezio's controversial "Prayer of the Gypsy", with its reference to the gassing of "nomads". He has also been filmed more recently explaining to a group of young fascists the need to infiltrate "mainstream" political organisations.
Borghezio has been linked with the neo-Nazi terrorist group "New Order". However, in a recent interview with Italian journalist Claudio Sabelli Fioretti, Borghezio admitted to his involvement with the Belgian Nazi Jean Thiriart, the founder of Young Europe, a group that espoused a united Europe "from Vladivostok to Dublin", organised in accordance with National Socialist principles.
"Lo stavo in un movimento rivale di Ordine Nuovo. Si chiamava Giovane Europa. Il leader era Jean Thiriart" he stated. This translates as: "I was in a rival movement of New Order. It was called Young Europe. The leader was Jean Thiriart".
Thiriart, a Belgian Nazi, was imprisoned after WW2 for his wartime activities, which included hunting down and killing resistance workers in occupied Europe. Thiriart trained under SS Lt Col Otto "Scarface" Skorzeny, and maintained strong links with him after his release from prison.
In fact, Skorzeny has been revealed to have had partial control over Young Europe at the time when Borghezio was a member.

Skorzeny was involved initially in Operation Werwolf, the Nazi resistance movement, and then subsequently in neo-Nazi terrorist groups across Europe. Evidence has emerged showing that Young Europe operated a number of paramilitary training camps, and that it was on the instructions of Skorzeny in the 1960s that these camps were closed down.
Associates of Thiriart were involved in an attempted Nazi coup in Belgium in 1973, and papers obtained this summer from Belgian police have helped researchers to prove ongoing links between a number of activists.
Given Borghezio's open support for fascism, and his record of racially motivated violence - his last arrest was as recently as 2007 - it is no wonder he has started to attract the interest of some high-players in the game.

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Farage's principal ally in the EFD group is the Liga Nord.

Umberto BossiImage via Wikipedia
Farage's principal ally in the EFD group is the Liga Nord.  

I give some background research below on this group and its leaders and ask why does the ordinary UKIP member want to be in a coalition with this group? 

Mario Borghezio, Lega Nord, & links with wartime Nazis. 

Mario Borghezio (b. Dec 3 1947, Turin, Italy) is a Member of the European Parliament (MEP) representing the North West of Italy. He is a member of the Lega Nord, a secessionist party that advocates independence for the northern region of Italy that it calls Padania. In actual fact, the party's ideology is somewhat confused, as it seems to embrace both secessionism, and federalism. 

In the European Parliament, Lega Nord MEPs sit in the Europe of Freedom & Democracy (EFD) group. Borghezio has brought a new dimension to the debate in Brussels and Strasbourg. He recently hosted a press conference for the conspiracy theorist Daniel Estulin, on the subject of the Bilderberg Group. He has also tabled a written declaration calling for nations to declare their contacts with extra-terrestrial life forms. Before examining Borghezio's links with far-right groups, including one with very strong wartime Nazi connections, it is worth briefly discussing Lega Nord, and the nature of some of its senior figures. 


Lega Nord 

A number of the Lega's prominent elected members have been involved in controversy. 

Party leader Umberto Bossi suggested during an interview in 2003, that the Italian Navy should open fire on boats containing immigrants, who he described as "bingo-bongos". 

In the same year, Giancarlo Gentilini, Lega Nord Mayor of Treviso, said of immigrants, that 
"we should dress them up like hares and bang-bangbang". 

Umberto Bossi Gentilini also declared, at a rally in Padania in 2008, that 
"We must cleanse our streets of the black-skinned, the yellow-skinned, the Roma … I would have all the immigrants put on file, one by one. Unfortunately, this is not allowed by the law. They are the carriers of all sorts of diseases, tuberculosis, Aids, scabies, hepatitis. As a result he was convicted of "inciting racial hatred". 

In 2002 the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) first denounced the party: 
"leaders of the Northern League have made a particularly intense racist and xenophobic propaganda, although it should be noted that even members of other parties have used a political language xenophobic or otherwise intolerant..." 

4 In 2006 the ECRI further noticed
"with regret that, since then, some members of the Northern League has stepped up the use of racist and xenophobic discourse in politics. While noting that you are in this respect especially the local elected representatives of this party, including some important political leaders at national level have issued statements racist and xenophobic. These talks have continued to target mainly the immigrants, but also other members of minority groups such as Gipsy or Southern Italians". 

In August 2010 a report published by the Council of Europe criticised Italian politicians for 
"promoting a xenophobic environment that has spawned an alarming series of violent anti-immigrant attacks." 

Borghezio responded to the criticism by stating that 
"Once again the European bureaucrats judge from their comfortable armchairs in northern Europe the emergency measures that our country has had the courage to put into effect." 

In May 2009, Matteo Salvini, formerly an MEP and at that time Lega Nord secretary in Milan, called for racial segregation on Milanese public transport 

He subsequently returned to the European parliament, where he now sits as an MEP in the EFD group alongside Borghezio. 

Salvini was one of a number of MEPs who, in the previous (2004-2009) parliament had been expelled from their political group for racist actions. 

The group in question was the Independence & Democracy Group (Ind Dem), which was effectively the forerunner of the EFD. Two British MEPs, Nicole Sinclaire and Michael Nattrass, have subsequently resigned from the EFD group in protest at the presence of extremist elements. 

(3 & 4)
Lega Nord's website openly carries the slogan "No votes for immigrants". 

The Lega website also carries an article advising women to carry pepper gas sprays to protect themselves from Romanian and other foreign rapists, which has led to accusations of incitement to commit violence. 

1. fini
2. (Guardian, May 8, 2009).


Father Abrahamowicz & Holocaust denial.

In 1984, Father Florian Abrahamowicz, described as the 
"Chaplain of Lega Nord" 
had spoken at a ceremony in honour of those who died in support of Mussolini's republic, which had fought, he claimed, for motherland and religion, 
"innocent victims because their murderers belonged to no legitimate army", 
a reference to the partisans, described as belonging to an unnatural Communist sect. 

In 2006, he said in a television interview that he viewed Erich Priebke, a German SS officer convicted of war crimes for a 1944 massacre in Rome, in which 335 Italian civilians were killed in reprisal for the deaths of 33 German soldiers, not as an "executioner", but rather a soldier who acted "with regret and a heavy heart". 

In January 2009, Fr. Abrahamowicz said that he was not sure the Nazis had used gas chambers for anything other than disinfection, claimed that the number of six million Jews killed was derived from a number fired off by the head of the German Jewish community without knowledge of the facts, complained that the Holocaust had wrongly been exalted, by Jews in particular, above other genocides 

On 5 February 2009 the Italian chapter of the Society of St. Pius X issued a notification that from the following day Abrahamowicz was to be expelled from the Society "for serious disciplinary reasons". 



6 Mario Borghezio - 

Arrests and Convictions In 1993, Borghezio was ordered to pay a fine of 750,000 lire following a violent assault on a Moroccan child in 1991. He appeared to justify this by alleging that the child was an illegal immigrant. In July 2005, Borghezio was found guilty of arson, having set fire to the belongings of some immigrants while they were sleeping under a bridge in Turin during a vigilante raid. 

For this he was sentenced to two months and twenty days imprisonment, which he avoided by paying a fine. In September 2007, Borghezio was arrested by Belgian police during an unauthorised anti-Islamic demonstration in Brussels. 

In another violent incident, a team of "green volunteers" -

Lega Nord has its own paramilitary wing, known as the Greenshirts - 

organised by Borghezio to cleanse the Italian railway system of alleged prostitutes, sprayed a group of African women, sitting in a train compartment, with disinfectant. 

Borghezio has spoken at rallies of the neo-fascist party Forza Nuova (founded by convicted terrorist and fellow extreme-right politician Roberto Fiore).

At one such rally in Rome in December 2002, Borghezio attacked 
"the global attempt to corrupt and bastardise our blood". 

Notable quotes. In August 1997, Borghezio called for illegal immigrants to be held in "work camps.

In April 2000, during a regional election campaign, Lega Nord members chanted Borghezio's controversial 
"Prayer of the Gypsy", with its reference to the gassing of "nomads". 

In early 2009, Borghezio was filmed addressing young fascists on the need to infiltrate mainstream political parties. 

8. (Agence France Presse, Aug 14, 1997).
9. (European Roma Rights Centre Country Reports Series), issue: No.9 / 2000)


7 Borghezio's alleged involvement in the New Order 

(11). The New Order, founded in 1956, positioned itself as a
"cultural and extraparliamentary" political grouping. 

The group's ideological base was the work of Julius Evola. 

Two of the most prominent names in the leadership of the New Order, (Ordine Nuovo, in Italian) were Pino Rauti and Giulio Maceratino. Pino Rauti, founder of the Order, is particularly interesting. 

In March 1972 an arrest warrant was issued for Rauti, concerning train bombings in 1969. 

He has also been indicted and prosecuted over his involvement in the Massacre of Piazza della Loggia, a neo-Nazi terrorist attack in May 1974 in which eight people died and 102 were injured. 

In November 1973, 30 members of the New Order were sentenced by courts for attempting to revive the Italian Fascist Party.

The courts also decreed that the New Order be dissolved. Borghezio seems to deny any involvement in the New Order, and on July 31st 2010 he appeared to have obtained a retraction from the British Independent newspaper, which had printed a reference to his involvement the previous month.

However, New Order founder Pino Rauti seems to contradict Borghezio. 

In a recent television interview, he recalled his own memories of Borghezio. He recalled Borghezio's involvement in the far-right magazine "Orion", founded by Maurizio Murelli, who was subsequently convicted of the murder of a police officer. 

Borghezio, allegedly, had produced a supplement for the journal, called "Orion finance".

8 Borghezio admits to his involvement with Jean Thiriart & Young Europe. In a recent interview with Italian journalist Claudio Sabelli Fioretti Borghezio admitted to his involvement with the Belgian Nazi Jean Thiriart, the founder of Young Europe.
"Lo stavo in un movimento rivale di Ordine Nuovo. Si chiamava Giovane Europa. Il leader era Jean Thiriart" 
he stated. 

This translates as: 
"I was in a rival movement of New Order. It was called Young Europe. The leader was Jean Thiriart". 

Thiriart had trained during WW2 under the command of SS Lt. Col. Otto Skorzeny. Thiriart's wartime activities included the hunting down of resistance workers in occupied Europe. Convicted after the war, following his release from prison in the late 1940s, 

Thiriart began visiting Skorzeny, who was in exile in Spain. 

Thiriart was a leading exponent of a united Europe, and in 1965 he published the book Europe - and empire of 400 million men. 

He named the enemies of Europe as being American imperialism, and (surprise, surprise) Zionism, and claimed that 1945 marked 
"the military defeat of all Europe". 

According to US academic Prof. George J. Michael of the University of Virginia, an acknowledged expert on political extremism, Thiriart acted as an advisor to Fatah, a wing of the Palestine Liberation Organisation. 

Thiriart also supported various black power groups in the US. In an interview with author Gene H. Hogberg in 1987, Thiriart discussed his then forthcoming work 'The Euro-Soviet Empire from Vladivostok to Dublin', which he immodestly referred to as his 'Bible'. 

Thiriart advocated an east-west dynamic that he referred to as "Eurasianism". 

Preaching that the main enemies of Europe were American imperialism and Zionism, he earlier began to set up camps to train young partisans for guerrilla war against these perceived enemies. 

This project was halted by none other than Otto Skorzeny, suggesting a greater degree of influence on Young Europe from Nazis that was realised at the time. Certainly, Skorzeny was heavily involved in the Nazi Werwolf project, and so he would have had knowledge and expertise in this area. Indeed, Skorzeny was considered a major player in the post-war fascist underground movement. 

9 This raises the question, was Young Europe under the partial control of Otto Skorzeny at the time of Borghezio's involvement? 

Young Europe also participated in 1962 Conference at Venice, where they agreed to participate in the National Party of Europe along with British fascist leader Sir Oswald Moseley, the radical ex-Nazi Otto Strasser, and others. In his later life, Thiriart spent a lot of time in Russia, where he worked closely with Alexander Dugin, who has blamed the failure of National Socialism on the nature of the German people, whilst stating that 
"Russian fascism is a combination of natural national conservatism with a passionate desire for true changes." 

Another admirer of Evola, Dugin has praised the Nazi think-tank Ahnenerbe, an organ of the SS as 
"an intellectual oasis in the framework of the National Socialist regime". 

Dugin has also described Reinhardt Heydrich as a “convinced Eurasianist" Closely linked with Thiriart, and himself a member of Young Europe, was Emile Edmond Lecerf (alias Pierre-Louis Lecour), a former Nazi collaborator during WW2. 

Evidence exists in the form of a Belgian police document, dated Sept 10th 1973, of Lecerf's involvement in a planned far-right coup (Appendix 1). 

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Giancarlo Gentilini, Lega Nord's Mayor of Treviso, is notorious for having said said of immigrants, that "we should dress them up like hares and bang-bang-bang".

However, Gentilini also declared, at a rally in Padania in 2008, that "We must cleanse our streets of the black-skinned, the yellow-skinned, the Roma … I would have all the immigrants put on file, one by one. Unfortunately, this is not allowed by the law. They are the carriers of all sorts of diseases, tuberculosis, Aids, scabies, hepatitis." As a result he was convicted of "inciting racial hatred", and banned from speaking at political meetings.

Lega Nord was expelled from Farage's Ind Dem group back in 2006. Now they are back, in the EFD group, and Farage says that they have "behaved themselves since the expulsion".

Have they, Nigel? Since the expulsion, Gentili has been convicted of incitement to racial hatred, MEP Mario Borghezio has been arrested for "racial offences" by Belgian police (2007), and last year, Matteo Salvini, (one of the MEPs expelled by Farage), has called for "racial segregation" on Italian public transport, and has appeared on you tube chanting racist slogans with football supporters.

Mario Borghezio Lega Nord/EFD MEP: Old habits die hard! Salute the Duce?

Do you notice a trend here, Nigel? These are not parking tickets - these are all RACIALLY MOTIVATED ACTS.
Do you really need the money so bad, Nigel, that you sink so low as to associate UKIP with these vile people?

And as for the other MEPs, only Nikki Sinclaire and Mike Nattrass had the guts to stand up and speak out. The rest of them must surely now by so tainted by their continued, financially motivated association with the EFD, that no self-respecting UKIPPER would now consider campaigning for them.

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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

13-Jun-2010 - UKIP's EFD RACIST & Anti Homosexual CHUMS DUMPED

13-Jun-2010 - UKIP's EFD RACIST & Anti Homosexual CHUMS DUMPED

Nationalist fury as center right makes gains in Slovakia

June 13, 2010 -- Updated 1129 GMT (1929 HKT)
(CNN) -- Slovak voters have dumped their government, prompting one nationalist firebrand to warn that the country would now be run by "homosexuals and Hungarians," the Slovak news agency TASR reported Sunday.
Slovakia's governing center-left Smer-SD party came first in parliamentary elections, but center-right parties captured more seats overall and look more likely to be able to form the next government, TASR said, citing unofficial results.
Prime Minister Robert Fico's party actually increased its share of the vote and will have the largest number of seats in parliament by far, but will fall short of an overall majority.
A potential coalition of four center-right parties looks set to control 79 seats in the 150-seat legislature.
Former Prime Minister Mikulas Dzurinda's SKDU-DS party lost three seats, but Dzurinda could return to power because his party is the biggest of the four possible coalition parties.
Fico said he was willing to try to form or government or to lead the opposition, TASR reported.
Jan Slota, the firebrand leader of the Slovak National Party, was less sanguine about the results.
"Homosexuals and Hungarians will begin to rule in this state, so thank you very much," Slota said as exit polls showed his party losing power, according to TASR.
"I'm feeling like crying because of Slovaks. Let's wait for the (official) results ... you can see, I'm not broken, I'm only sad about Slovaks," said Slota, adding: "We'll all cry tears of blood."
An ethnic Hungarian party, Most-Hid, looks set to win 14 seats and be part of the new government.
Slovakia has a large ethnic Hungarian minority. The mountainous Central European country was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire until World War I.
Slota's party has been in a governing coalition with Fico's Smer-SD and the nationalist party of another former prime minister, Vladimir Meciar, since 2006.
Meciar's party failed to secure at least 5 percent of votes Saturday, so they will not have any seats in the new parliament, TASR reported. 
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UKIP: Lega Nord, Filthy Racists, and Lying Hypocrites!‏

UKIP: Lega Nord, Filthy Racists, and Lying Hypocrites!‏
Lega Nord, the Italian far-right extremist party and member of Farage's EFD Group, has been given a taste of its own medicine - and like most cowardly bullies, they don't like it!
Shopkeepers in Naples have banned the racists from their premises, and Lega Nord is calling on the Commission to use EU legislation to protect its members!
"This episode is about racial discrimination and because of that it has to be pursued by the judicial authorities".
This is the terse and unequivocal answer of Mr. Fontana MEP to the posters exposed outside by almost thirty shopkeepers saying:
"After the last insults against Neapolitans, people belonging to Lega Nord are not welcome anymore. By the direction".
This episode was widely covered by the press and continued being topical after the Home Secretary, Roberto Maroni, went to Naples to attend the concert of the national Police band at 'San Carlo' theatre.
Francesco Emilio Borrelli, a member of the Green party, and Gino Sorbillo, the local handicraft representative, who promoted the initiative, said the presence of the Minister in Naples was an insult to the city:
"These initiatives are clearly against Lega Nord and the submitted justification referring to generic insults is not acceptable", Mr. Fontana added. "The rampant intolerance against Lega Nord representatives and voters is evident and alarming, as even the presence of an institutional officer was challenged ".
According to article 19 of the Treaty on the functioning of the European Union, the Council can foresee appropriate measures in order to fight all kind of discrimination based on personal convictions:
"I'm very determined to ask Europe to carry out the right actions to protect the Lega Nord movement, which is more and more appreciated by voters as the last elections showed."

It really is quite funny seeing UKIP's partners in the Pan EU Political Party EFD Group begging the EU to help them in their own Country!
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Wednesday, 23 June 2010



Clean EUkip up NOW  make UKIP electable!  
The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership,   
their anti UKIP claque in POWER the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


Sorry I didn't let you know about this on Monday when I first heard about it but I was asked not to publish until I had seen it somewhere else. 

It has been hinted at well rather more than hint I see - by Rob McWhirtter on the members only forum and although over 10 of us had seen it no one has had the courage to comment - obviously I couldn't or I would blow my cover ;-)

Lots more to follow when I can be bothered - in the main UKIP no longer has a relevance in politics

Ignored in the EU as a joke - Ignored in Britain as irrelevant.

Compare the column inches UKIP doesn't get with Mike Nattrass past Deputy Leader of UKIP having the integrity to quit the racist, anti jewish, violent extremists Farage has had to gather around him to survive - then  consider how many column inches any real politician from a proper party would have got.

We note the rest of the scum and low lifes in UKIP - the MEPs who are without exception liars, cheats and the scum of politics and the incompetent idiot Malcolm Lord Pearson and the new party clown and dishonest fraud Christopher Monkton are happy to associate with the filth of EU politics in Farage's cash cow the EFD.

More details when I get around to it.

A posting on one of the many web sites I contribute to:

The long standing UKIP MEP for the West Midlands Mike Nattrass - formerly Deputy Leader and if I recall correctly briefly Party Chairman has on a point of principle finally gathered sufficient courage to act with integrity and quit Farage's vile pro EU membership, anti Jewish, racist group the pan EU Political EFD Party grouping.

This was the group the liar and dissembler Mark Croucher was PR and media manager for but it looks as if they have fired him as he no longer exists on their staff lists.

Hardly surprising really as he has a long track record for dishonesty and involvement in racism and anti judaism using them as slurs, dishonestly, against his political enemies when told to by his master Nigel Farage.

Mark Croucher's most recent dishonesty and dishonourable action has been in his total contempt for British values and the British Courts yet pretending to be anti EU whilst trying to shelter his dishonesty with UKIP in the EU to avoid paying UKIP's moral debt of £12,500 as incurred at Cardiff Crown Court for details CLICK HERE

Mike Nattrass is expected to remain a UKIP member but UKIP will be forced to fire him as THEIR MEP as otherwise they would hand a huge weapon to Nikki Sinclaire who will be taking them to the High Court over just this issue some time in the next 5.1/2 years!

However this does now, if UKIP indemnify themselves against the double standards accusation in Court, and do fire Nattrass then they are open to a High Court action brought by Nattrass - it may even pay Nattrass & Sinclaire to take a joint action in support of eachothers fairly irrefutable claims.

It looks as if Nikki Sinclaire has an open and shut case and Farage's UKIP hasn't a leg to stand on!

Sinclaire alone looked likely to cost them 100s of F1,000s Now add to that Mike Nattrass!

Farage just hasn't the brains to lead a welk stall and with the clown Lord Pearson they are clearly doomed - they have now imported their own court jester in the form of Christopher Monkton as Deputy Leader - clearly a slap in the eye for the liar and fraud David Bannermann who is under investigation for fraudullent deception and money laundering!

Hey Ho - it all makes one wonder how Peyton Place could compete for intrigue and back stabbing!

UKIP MEP leaves “eurofriendly” EFD Group

23 June 2010

The British UK Independence Party's (UKIP) Mike Nattrass, has left the Party's group in the European Parliament.
The plenary session on 23 June of the European Parliament had a dramatic start, when Mike Natrass MEP, from the UK Independence Party decided to leave the EFD Group, claiming it didn't represent his views.  It became known that Natrass had left when his profile on the Europarl website listed him as Non-Attached.

The party was not informed of the move, and was intended to hear of the decision when European Parliament President, Jerzy Buzek announced it to the deputies at the opening of the session. It is believed that Buzek was informed of the decision on 22 June
In the British election no candidates were elected and those running managed to collect not more than 1,000 votes. Many in the party are believed to be angry with Lord Malcolm Pearson, the party leader, who replaced Nigel Farage MEP, when Farage relinquished the post in order to contest a seat in the UK election. Farage finished third, behind a pro-Europe candidate. Pearson had a dismal campaign, according to observers, including being ridiculed by reporters on British television when the Peer revealed that he has "only skimmed through" the party's manifesto and hadn't read it.

The manifesto is just 16 pages long. Pearson also said that they wouldn't put candidates against certain MP's who were judged to be eurosceptics, even though they often had candidates in place, and the Peer was seen campaigning with some Conservative MP's.

Nattrass is the second MEP to resign from the group. In January this year, Nikki Sinclaire MEP left the EFD Group and was subsequently expelled from UKIP. She cited extremism, anti-semitism and homophobia as her main reasons for leaving. It is expected that Nattrass will remain as non-attached and be ejected from the party.

Nattrass told New Europe that he left "because I don't share the same principles of some of the Group, on balance, the majority of the Group want to stay in the EU and I've always believed that we should leave." He said he had decided to leave now, after the general election, when it would cause less disruption. He says that he intends to form a Non-Attached UKIP Group with Nikki Sinclaire, but said that he was loyal to UKIP, but others may join him in the Non-Attached UKIP group.

"I am the true face of UKIP," he said, explaining that he was determined to push for Britain's withdrawal from the EU. He said he hoped to remain with UKIP, adding that, "I am a former Chairman and former Deputy Leader and I've been fighting for UKIP for 15 years and I don't expect to be expelled from the party."
A senior source from UKIP agreed that it was "inconceivable" that he would be expelled from the party, pointing out that the circumstances of Nattrass and Sinclaire's departures were very different. The source added that, "We're sad to see him leave the group but we're happy that he's still in UKIP. We wish him all the best, there's no animosity, but I don't see what advantage there is in being non-Attached." Should Nattrass regret his decision, the UKIP source said, "We'll keep the door open for him, should he decide to return, which I would like to see." 
To view the original article CLICK HERE

To view the original of this full page CLICK HERE
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Reclaim YOUR Future 
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate)
to Reclaim YOUR Future   


 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance

Tuesday, 26 January 2010



"A really nasty, calculating, immoral piece of work"?




There has already been a plethora of comments made about 'Nikkigate' and Farage's part therein, but head and shoulders above all other things, this saga, yet again, remind us how utterly foul, nasty, uncooth, unprincipled, treacherous, self-interested, immoral and vicious Nigel Farage is.  

Whatever one might think about Sinclair, she has at least put her hand in her pocket to place funds with the party;  she even asked Farage to remain as leader because of the lack of alternative (the letter was widely circulated);  she also continues to support Farage in Buckingham and much else too.

Doesn't this tell us that Farage harbours a grudge against Sinclair - whether she is sex-changed or not - and is incapable of any personal loyalty whatsoever - to anyone - ask his wife!

How many Labour and Tory MPs have abused their positions in terms of their financial affairs! 

Sinclair has not cheated the taxpayer but Farage?????????   

Given that he will not come clean on his vast expenses that he has constantly refused to publish, despite making a promise to do so.  

Quite apart from the monies (£100'000's) that have disappeared in his SE Region, one might well ask him, outright, has he stolen the funds.  For if not, where are they?  

Why the reluctance to honour his own publicly given pledge?

And at least Sinclair has left the EDF group, showing more courage than people like Nuttall and Farage who openly condemn the BNP but then court worse extremists in the EDF, not just for money, though that is important to Nigel, but also because they are not competing with Farage.

Who, in the above light, is more principled - Sinclair or Farage?!

Seriously people, think about that question, and if you come down on the side of Nikki Sinclair, urge your own UKIP MEP to follow Sinclair's example and remove themselves from the EFD!

Best regards


Some Details in a You Tube Video:

We note some idiot too ashamed to put his name to his comments has tried to claim, I made this video! on Anthony Butcher's sordid Forum which is used by UKIP leadership and their sycophants to publish lies and propaganda. A forum managed by corrupt individuals from which I was banned for telling the truth - yet which is provided as a platform for any defamatory comments and lies regarding myself and others who have been long term supporters of UKIP who have taken the risk of exposing the corruption, dishonesty and near industrial, systemic and endemic corruption and serial theft and misappropriation of money.

The lies cheating, bullying and corruption in UKIP is undeniable.

Perhaps the idiot, childishly passing himself off as 'Henry IX' on Butcher's Forum, should think for a moment as clearly by claiming that this video was made by me overlooks two major factors:

01. they overlook the FACT that by claiming it was made by me he gives the video huge credibility because in well over 1,000 blogs about UKIP I have NEVER been shown to mislead, lie or invent material - there is no need as there is far more corruption and dishonesty in UKIP's leadership team alone than I can cope with reporting.
Henry IX gives a stamp of veracity to the video by claiming that it was made by me, in other words it was so founded on truth as to be like all the other material I publish - TRUE.

02. A measure of the dishonesty of the vile scum that are supporting UKIP with lies and dishonesty about me is typified by Henry IX's claim - Never do they have ANY sign of provenance that I do not ALWAYS strive to tell the truth.
Henry Ix's stupidity is so typical - can ANYONE find a single solitary example of my having ANY ability to make videos? Can anyone identify a single example where I have uploaded a single video to the internet?

Henry IX has shown for all to see that UKIP have no answer to the video, it would seem to be accurate and be factually supportable in every fact it provides.

I do concede it is amateur, but I assure you it is far more competent than anything I could produce.

From the FACTS I KNOW I am of the opinion that the video is a true representation of the corruption UKIP leadership are involved with - why am I not surprised?

Monday, 25 January 2010

EUkip's Members' Incestuous Forum said this:

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Sorry this is best suited to this thread as it is about the EFD

Francesco Speroni, co-president of the EFD, is a law graduate, and a highly experienced politician. On July 15th, speaking in Strasbourg, he explained his thoughts on the EU, and its role in the lives of its citizens.
 "we must, of course, turn the proposals into concrete action...we - Parliament, and you, the Council - will lay down those rules that will govern the lives, affairs and interests of our electorate, and I believe that that is our fundamental task as legislators... it is important to see and to demonstrate that it is worth having the European Union."
On September 15th he confirmed his enthusiasm for his role in creating new EU-wide legislation, by stating:
"I am therefore sure that you, Mr President, will work hard to make the Commission accept that the proposals we MEPs put forward can become EU legislation".
Unlike UKIP, which seeks withdrawal from the EU, Speroni wishes to draw his country and the Union ever closer.... In September 2009, he tabled a resolution - in conjunction with Carlo Casini, Crescenzoi Rivelleini & Mario Mauro of the pro-federalist EPP group, and Italian Socialist David-Maria Sassoli, calling for Naples to become the seat of the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly. Nothing could be further from UKIP's stated agenda.
Speroni's euro-enthusiasm is clearly supported by the EFD group, which in the early days of the current parliament attempted to have him appointed as a "quaestor", one of the MEPs whose duty it is to protect the interests of the parliament and its members, including in matters of their expenses and privacy.
Speroni's fellow Lega Nord MEP, Matteo Salvini, who controversially called for racial segregation on Italian buses, is also keen on further harmonisation and on the implementation of EU directives... In a question to the Council in October 2009, he stated that:
"Proper implementation of the Directive on Services in the Internal Market (Directive 2006/123/EC will enable businesses to exploit the advantages of the single market, consumers to be protected and social safeguards to be put in place. The directive will streamline national administrations, introduce simpler, quicker and more user-friendly procedures and drive competition in the single market."
Fiorello Provera is one of Lega Nord's newly elected MEPs. Speaking in Parliament on October 2009, he emphasised his party's support for the Lisbon Treaty whilst discussing the results of the Irish referendum:
"The Lega Nord , the party I represent, voted for the Treaty in the Italian Parliament and I personally was the rapporteur."
In December 2009 he jointly tabled - with MEPs from all the political groups - a resolution concerning the EU's relations with Belarus. The resolution:
"Calls on the Commission to prepare recommendations for the possible adoption of on visa facilitation..."
This is precisely the kind of harmonisation of immigration policy that UKIP supposes to reject. Provera tabled this resolution in the name of UKIP's EFD group.

Clearly EUkip members know just what filth EUkip is associated with but they don't care - there are many who know no depth to which they would not sink just to keep their snouts in the trough.

There are also those who will use any vile con to enrich themselves at the expense of the Party and those who will do all they can to suppress freedom of speech to try to suppress the truth.
It is a FACT that Bloggers4UKip & The Incest Forum for Members are both heavily moderated, suppressing freedom of speech and suppressing and managing the truth to suit EUkip's greed, corruption and dishonesty. 

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Muslim rant fury

Lord in YouTube dig at birth rate


A LORD'S claim that Britain faces coming under Islamic rule has been blasted as "alarmist" and "inaccurate".

In a sick rant, UK Independence Party peer Lord Pearson makes wild statements about the Muslim birth rate.
He said the UK was under threat because "the Muslims are breeding ten times faster than us". He added: "I don't know at what point they reach such a number we are no longer able to resist the rest of their demands.
"We must be looking at somewhere between 10 or 20 years. If we don't do something in the next year or two we have in effect lost." In the video interview posted on YouTube, the multi-millionaire went on to warn against the "growing threat of Islamism", rambling: "We have to make sure people understand the threat that faces us from violent Islam."
A Muslim Council of Britain spokesman hit back at the birth rate comment, saying: "It's inaccurate. The policy estimates have already been widely discredited. We would be concerned about this type of alarmist statement."

Lord Pearson in YouTube dig at Muslim birth rates
Lord Pearson - tipped to be next UKIP leader - last night stood by his comments, but insisted they were directed at fundamental Islamists.
He said: "One's talking about the violent end of the spectrum that's what one's worried about."

To view the original press article CLICK HERE

Faragist Fascist Friends - The FFF in the EFD. And they wonder why Nikki left!

Faragist Fascist Friends - The FFF in the EFD. And they wonder why Nikki left!

True Finns.

Timo Soini, leader of the Finnish Perussuomalaiset (True Finns) Party, and rather oddly a keen supporter of Millwall F.C, should add a little spice to Farage's group.

He wants to restrict entry to Finland for foreigners, and calls for legislation to force those already there to integrate. Describing itself as "populist", the True Finns has its roots in agrarian politics, is anti-capitalist, believing that entrepreneurship hampers bureaucracy. The party attracts a great deal of support from those who would have previously voted for the SDP or the Left Alliance. Its mix of "back to the soil" agrarianism, populism, and militaristic nationalism has led many observers to categorise the party as National Socialist. Indeed, in keeping with Nazi tradition, Soini was a corporal in the army.

In April 2009, all the leaders of Finland's political parties signed a declaration condemning racism. Only Soini refused to sign. The party also believes homosexuality to be an "aberration". Finnish celebrity Teuvo Loman complained to police about a Facebook site, called "Lets beat Teuvo Straight", set up by a True Finns candidate for Urjala municipal council elections. The site allegedly promoted violence against Loman.

In December 2006, True Finn councillor Jussi Halla-aho caused a controversy when he published the following comments as part of a discussion about immigrants and rape: “The number of rapes will increase in any case. Therefore, as more and more women will undoubtedly get raped, I sincerely hope that at least the right women, the green-leftist reformers and their voters, will find themselves in the clutches of the rapists, who randomly select their victims. Rather them than anyone else. With people like that nothing else works, except when their own multiculturalist views turn against them.” Halla-aho, who describes asylum seekers as "parasites", has been charged with hate crimes.

Another interesting True Finn politician, is the former wrestler and parliamentarian Tony "the Viking" Halme. In 2004, he received a four-month suspended prison sentence and was ordered to pay fines totalling 80 income-linked "day-fines" - amounting to EUR 4,480 - for criminal offences that were uncovered in connection with a drunken firearms violation episode in the summer of 2003.

Other charges brought against Halme included behaviour likely to cause danger, smuggling, possession of imported goods knowing them to be illegal, and drug use. The latter is ironic, as he has called for drug offenders to be sent to Russian prisons, where they can be dealt with in a more cost effective manner. The day after he was elected to parliament he caused a stir by attacking President Tarja Halonen as a "Lesbian". (Halonen had been a champion for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans-Gender rights in her country). In 2006 Halme was convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol. In that same year he was involuntarily committed to a mental hospital.

The True Finns will sit well with the populist Lega Nord, the Italian party expelled from the Independence & Democracy Group by Farage following allegations of racist behaviour. That party is partly defined by its homophobia.

Lega Nord.

Giancarlo Gentilini, Lega Nord's deputy mayor of Treviso called in 2007 for the "ethnic cleansing" of homosexuals." I will immediately give orders to my forces so that they can carry out an ethnic cleansing of faggots," he told a local television station. "The faggots must go to other cities where they are welcome. Here in Treviso there is no chance for faggots or the like."

In the same year he taunted Pecoraro Scanio, Italy's Minister of the Environment and an open bisexual, by saying: "In Gorgo, a woman was raped with a chisel in the back and in the front. I say to Pecoraro Scanio that I want the same thing happens to his mother and his sister."

Pro-Federalist Lega Nord – the party's constitution says that the party will end its political activity when federalism is obtained - are no strangers to racially motivated violence: indeed, MEP Mario Borghezio was fined in 1993 for beating a 12 year old Moroccan child. In 2005, whilst sitting as an MEP, he was found guilty of setting fire to the belongings of immigrants under a railway bridge in Turin, during a vigilante raid. In September 2007 he was arrested by Belgian police for his part in an anti-Islamic demonstration.

The former leader of Lega Nord, Umberto Bossi, an MEP in the last parliament, was convicted of incitement to violence in 1998. He received a one-year suspended prison sentence. He had previously received a conviction for taking a 200 million bribe. In 2003 he described Africans as "Bingo-Bongos", and suggested that the Italian navy should open fire on boats carrying refugees.

Notorious holocaust denier Father Floriano Abrahamowicz is considered to be the "unofficial Chaplain" of Lega Nord. He told an Italian newspaper: "I know the gas chambers existed... but I don't know if anyone was killed in them. I know that, in addition to the official version, there is another version..." He has also been a vocal supporter of Erich Priebke, the German SS officer convicted of war crimes for a 1944 massacre in Rome, extradited to Italy from Argentina and currently living under house arrest.

The Lega has its own militant faction, the so-called Green shirts.

Morten Messerschmidt: Heil Hitler, & some embarrassing songs.

The Danish People's Party (DPP), rejected by the British Conservatives, has been condemned by the Paris based European Jewish Congress for its approach to the question of immigration. It has also been accused of Islamophobia.

Morten Messerchmidt is one of the DPP's new MEPs. In 2002 he was sentenced to prison for racially motivated offences. In April 2007 he was reported to have been drunk in a restaurant in Copenhagen, and was seen "Heiling Hitler". Messerchmidt subsequently admitted singing Nazi songs at the restaurant. The incident caused him to temporarily resign from his position in the government.

Messerchmidt is a former assistant to Mogens Camre MEP, himself reported to the police for possible violations of anti-racism legislation in 2007.

And Farage has the nerve to condemn the BNP!

And what about the odious Nuttall? He can't bear to be in the same room as Nick Griffin and yet is quite happy to sit with these fascists! Hypocrite!

To view the original article CLICK HERE