Thursday, 5 April 2012

UKIP's EFD allies in fraud scandal!

UKIP's EFD allies in fraud scandal!

Lega Nord treasurer Francesco Belsito is believed to have passed electoral expense reimbursements to the family of Umberto Bossi, the party's leader. According to the authorities in Milan, Naples and Reggio Calabria, the 4 sons of the party leader Umberto Bossi and those of Rosi Mauro, Bossi's personal assistant, were given the money to pay for hotels, meals and travels. Belsito is currently being investigated for fraud and illegally funding the party:

Also under investigation are a number of employment contracts, with OLAF apparently having been brought into the equation.

Bossi himself has a previous conviction for fraud, as well as receiving a one year sentence for incitement to racial violence in 1998. He also sat as an MEP as a member of UKIP"s Independence & Democracy Group in the 2004-2009 European Parliament.

Racial violence and fraud - that seems to be the order of the day in Farage's EFD group. But the biggest fraud of all is that perpetrated on UKIP's member and supporters who believe that the MEPs are actually doing something to help get the UK out of the EU. Whilst Clark gets his knuckles rapped for - errrr - fraud, Bloom urinates in hotel lobbies and employs his family whilst pompously denying that he - errrr - employs his family, and Batten gives speeches to people convicted of - errrr - fraud, UKIP members and supporters just keep on handing the cash over.

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