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Mike NATTRASS is a member of the vile racist, sexually intollerant, xenophobic EFD, which not only espouses and incites violence in pursuit of its political aims but also practices such violence and in association supporting pro EU Politicians and some with an overt anti Jewish stance. That The Pan EU Political Party EFD grouping is partly defined by its homophobia is irrefutable.

With hindsight it seems Farage did not act on principles but seemingly for personal gain in the IndDemGroup as he seems all too willing to prostitute his party, his Country and his principles now that it happens to suit him financially and in terms of authority in forming his squalid Pan EU Political Party grouping of The EFD.

It is also noted his untrustworthy and duplicitous little side kick Mark Croucher is also acting with Farage to assist in the promotion of this Racist homophobic claque when previously he made much of telling lies about people to try to damage them by falsely branding them as anti Jewish, BNP supporters and anti homosexual based on his own concocted lies. We note it is he who actually practices and assists these disgusting values!


Clean EUkip up NOW  make UKIP electable!  
The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership,   
their anti UKIP claque in POWER the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


Sorry I didn't let you know about this on Monday when I first heard about it but I was asked not to publish until I had seen it somewhere else. 

It has been hinted at well rather more than hint I see - by Rob McWhirtter on the members only forum and although over 10 of us had seen it no one has had the courage to comment - obviously I couldn't or I would blow my cover ;-)

Lots more to follow when I can be bothered - in the main UKIP no longer has a relevance in politics

Ignored in the EU as a joke - Ignored in Britain as irrelevant.

Compare the column inches UKIP doesn't get with Mike Nattrass past Deputy Leader of UKIP having the integrity to quit the racist, anti jewish, violent extremists Farage has had to gather around him to survive - then  consider how many column inches any real politician from a proper party would have got.

We note the rest of the scum and low lifes in UKIP - the MEPs who are without exception liars, cheats and the scum of politics and the incompetent idiot Malcolm Lord Pearson and the new party clown and dishonest fraud Christopher Monkton are happy to associate with the filth of EU politics in Farage's cash cow the EFD.

More details when I get around to it.

A posting on one of the many web sites I contribute to:

The long standing UKIP MEP for the West Midlands Mike Nattrass - formerly Deputy Leader and if I recall correctly briefly Party Chairman has on a point of principle finally gathered sufficient courage to act with integrity and quit Farage's vile pro EU membership, anti Jewish, racist group the pan EU Political EFD Party grouping.

This was the group the liar and dissembler Mark Croucher was PR and media manager for but it looks as if they have fired him as he no longer exists on their staff lists.

Hardly surprising really as he has a long track record for dishonesty and involvement in racism and anti judaism using them as slurs, dishonestly, against his political enemies when told to by his master Nigel Farage.

Mark Croucher's most recent dishonesty and dishonourable action has been in his total contempt for British values and the British Courts yet pretending to be anti EU whilst trying to shelter his dishonesty with UKIP in the EU to avoid paying UKIP's moral debt of £12,500 as incurred at Cardiff Crown Court for details CLICK HERE

Mike Nattrass is expected to remain a UKIP member but UKIP will be forced to fire him as THEIR MEP as otherwise they would hand a huge weapon to Nikki Sinclaire who will be taking them to the High Court over just this issue some time in the next 5.1/2 years!

However this does now, if UKIP indemnify themselves against the double standards accusation in Court, and do fire Nattrass then they are open to a High Court action brought by Nattrass - it may even pay Nattrass & Sinclaire to take a joint action in support of eachothers fairly irrefutable claims.

It looks as if Nikki Sinclaire has an open and shut case and Farage's UKIP hasn't a leg to stand on!

Sinclaire alone looked likely to cost them 100s of F1,000s Now add to that Mike Nattrass!

Farage just hasn't the brains to lead a welk stall and with the clown Lord Pearson they are clearly doomed - they have now imported their own court jester in the form of Christopher Monkton as Deputy Leader - clearly a slap in the eye for the liar and fraud David Bannermann who is under investigation for fraudullent deception and money laundering!

Hey Ho - it all makes one wonder how Peyton Place could compete for intrigue and back stabbing!

UKIP MEP leaves “eurofriendly” EFD Group

23 June 2010

The British UK Independence Party's (UKIP) Mike Nattrass, has left the Party's group in the European Parliament.
The plenary session on 23 June of the European Parliament had a dramatic start, when Mike Natrass MEP, from the UK Independence Party decided to leave the EFD Group, claiming it didn't represent his views.  It became known that Natrass had left when his profile on the Europarl website listed him as Non-Attached.

The party was not informed of the move, and was intended to hear of the decision when European Parliament President, Jerzy Buzek announced it to the deputies at the opening of the session. It is believed that Buzek was informed of the decision on 22 June
In the British election no candidates were elected and those running managed to collect not more than 1,000 votes. Many in the party are believed to be angry with Lord Malcolm Pearson, the party leader, who replaced Nigel Farage MEP, when Farage relinquished the post in order to contest a seat in the UK election. Farage finished third, behind a pro-Europe candidate. Pearson had a dismal campaign, according to observers, including being ridiculed by reporters on British television when the Peer revealed that he has "only skimmed through" the party's manifesto and hadn't read it.

The manifesto is just 16 pages long. Pearson also said that they wouldn't put candidates against certain MP's who were judged to be eurosceptics, even though they often had candidates in place, and the Peer was seen campaigning with some Conservative MP's.

Nattrass is the second MEP to resign from the group. In January this year, Nikki Sinclaire MEP left the EFD Group and was subsequently expelled from UKIP. She cited extremism, anti-semitism and homophobia as her main reasons for leaving. It is expected that Nattrass will remain as non-attached and be ejected from the party.

Nattrass told New Europe that he left "because I don't share the same principles of some of the Group, on balance, the majority of the Group want to stay in the EU and I've always believed that we should leave." He said he had decided to leave now, after the general election, when it would cause less disruption. He says that he intends to form a Non-Attached UKIP Group with Nikki Sinclaire, but said that he was loyal to UKIP, but others may join him in the Non-Attached UKIP group.

"I am the true face of UKIP," he said, explaining that he was determined to push for Britain's withdrawal from the EU. He said he hoped to remain with UKIP, adding that, "I am a former Chairman and former Deputy Leader and I've been fighting for UKIP for 15 years and I don't expect to be expelled from the party."
A senior source from UKIP agreed that it was "inconceivable" that he would be expelled from the party, pointing out that the circumstances of Nattrass and Sinclaire's departures were very different. The source added that, "We're sad to see him leave the group but we're happy that he's still in UKIP. We wish him all the best, there's no animosity, but I don't see what advantage there is in being non-Attached." Should Nattrass regret his decision, the UKIP source said, "We'll keep the door open for him, should he decide to return, which I would like to see." 
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