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VanHECKE, Frank - Vlaams Belang - Belgium

VanHECKE, Frank - Vlaams Belang - Belgium

Frank Arthur Hyppolite Vanhecke:
With hindsight it seems Farage did not act on principles but seemingly for personal gain in the IndDemGroup as he seems all too willing to prostitute his party, his Country and his principles now that it happens to suit him financially and in terms of authority in forming his squalid Pan EU Political Party grouping of The EFD.

It is noted Farage promotes this Racist, anti Jewish, homophobic claque when previously he made much with his associates and parasites of telling lies about people to try to damage them by falsely branding them as anti Jewish, BNP supporters and anti homosexual based on his own concocted lies. We note it is he who actually encourages and assists these disgusting values many learned from the vile and dishonest Mark Croucher!

Shamefully The EFD group supports and voted for the new "EU Diplomatic Service"

Notorious extremist joins EFD group

Frank Vanhecke, former Chairman of the Vlaams Blok, and banned racist party, and subsequently Chair of its successor, Vlaams Belang, has joined Nigel Farage's EFD group in the European Parliament.
Vanhecke is notorious for wrongly naming a number of ethnic minority youths in connection with the vandalism graves in Tereken. In fact the perpetrators were indigenous Flemings like himself.  As a result, he was stripped of his parliamentary immunity.
In 2007, he was arrested in Belgium for assaulting a bus driver.
The Stephen Roth Institute had this to say about Vlaams Blok: "The Vlaams Blok of Flanders has become one of the strongest extreme right parties in Europe. The most serious anti-Semitic incident in 1997 was the attempt to set fire to the Anderlecht synagogue in Brussels."
Our photo shows Vanhecke alongside Bruno Grolnisch and Jean Marie LePen, both of the French National Front.
Nice company you keep, Nigel!
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Frank Vanhecke
Frank Vanhecke
Frank Vanhecke
Born Frank Arthur Hyppolite Vanhecke
30 May 1959 (1959-05-30) (age 52)
Brugge, Belgium
Nationality  Belgium
Occupation politician
Frank Arthur Hyppolite Vanhecke (born 30 May 1959 in Brugge) started his career in Belgian politics as a student by joining the Jong Studentenverbond and later the Nationalistische Studentenvereniging. He gave up his membership of the Volksunie in 1977 after it acceded to a much-debated package of federal reforms. Vanhecke subsequently joined the Vlaams Nationale Partij, the predecessor of the Vlaams Blok.
Quickly climbing the party ranks, he became responsible for the party's press and media communication in 1986 and worked from 1989 as a personal assistant to Karel Dillen in the European Parliament, until he was elected to a Parliamentary seat himself in 1994. After a short term in the Belgian Senate, Vanhecke returned to European politics after the elections in 2004.
Vanhecke sits on its Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs, and is a substitute for the Committee on Development and a member of the Delegation for relations with Switzerland, Iceland and Norway and to the European Economic Area (EEA) Joint Parliamentary Committee. His voting record in the European Parliament shows his clear pro-life stance.
When Karel Dillen resigned from his post as chairman of the Vlaams Blok in 1996, Vanhecke was designated as his successor. He was elected in 2001.
In November 2004 the Vlaams Blok was dissolved and a new political party was created under the name Vlaams Belang. Vanhecke was appointed chairman of this new party.



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